Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old Wives Tales

Luke went to a holiday party/meeting with the Preservation League tonight.  There was another guy there whose wife is also expecting and all the women-folk proceeded to tell them lots of old wives tales.  The other guy said that they had an early ultrasound in which their dr thought it was a girl, but wouldn't say he was 100% sure... but according to all the wives tales, they were definitely having a girl, and according to those same tales, we're having a boy! O.o

1.) Heart beat--- Ours was between 140-150, which a slower heart beat is indicative of a boy, and the other guy said theirs was around 160, indicating a girl.

2.) Hairy legs - Supposedly a sign of a boy, but then again, my legs are always hairy! (my poor husband!)

3.) Carrying low - the baby has been down low when we've tried to hear his/her heartbeat, but I wouldn't say I'm showing enough yet to be considered "carrying low" but Luke seemed to think so.

4.) Morning Sickness - mine being minimal (being more indicative of a boy), and the other guy said his wife has been sick a LOT, which held true for them having a girl!

So..... We shall see! Exciting stuff!!!

More and more people keep telling me they think I'm having twins, so who the heck knows! ;-)  Can't wait to find out!


  1. Most of the old wives tales did not line up with what we are having! For example, we are having a boy, and his heart rate has been 150-170 every time we go to the doctor, which would indicate a girl. Trust your instinct...mine was right the whole time! So fun to find out and know!!!
    Amy Brazell

  2. So fun Amy! So you had a feeling that you were having a boy? I have NO idea! No sense of "mother's intuition"! lol I can't wait!

  3. Yes, I just had a feeling! I'm not sure why some women just know and others have no clue...lol! When do you find out?
    Amy =)

  4. We have our 20 week ultrasound with Dr. Maberry on Jan. 11!!