Monday, April 23, 2012

35 Weeks!

How far along? 35 Weeks!  Only 5 to go!!!
Trimester: 3rd!
Days to Go: 35 more days!
Baby size: 18 inches! The weight of a honeydew melon!
Baby weight: 5.25 pounds!! wow!
Total weight gain:  la la la.... don't know, but I'm looking forward to getting back to normal!
Maternity clothes? um, even my maternity clothes are feeling snug and uncomfy now!
Stretch marks? yeah some.  hopefully they wont be too noticeable after she's out!
Sleep: Well, last night was not so great.  I think I was awake every hour or so, either needing to pee, or dealing with heartburn, or so hot I was sweating, even though I had the AC set on 70, the ceiling fan on AND a small fan blowing on the bed too!
Best moment this week:   Getting soo many sweet presents for Tenley! She is so loved already!!!  I don't think a day has gone by that we haven't had a present or package on the porch, or one of us hasn't brought a gift home from work!  We are so, so, so blessed!!!  Thanks to everyone who has made this time so special for us!
Miss anything? Mmmm sure a few things, but I think more than that, I'm going to miss feeling Tenley move in my belly and miss my round tummy!  I'll miss not having to worry about what my belly looks like in my clothes too! haha
Movement: Not as much as before, think she's getting a little crowded.  But still plenty! And lots of hiccups too! Love it!!!
Food cravings: SNOW CONES!!!!!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Really no, just brushing my teeth still sometimes, and if the bathroom sink is dirty that makes me gag! lol.
Labor Signs: None yet!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!!!  I'm glad, but it's crazy!  Wonder if it'll pop out ever or not??? 
Wedding rings on or off?  My fake one still fits, but the bandaid i have around it is starting to make it too snug.  But w/o the bandaid it's too loose.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! For sure! But more and more exhausted too!  Which in turn, is making me a little more cranky than usual, I think!
Weekly Wisdom:  Interview pediatricians!!!  Don't just pick one randomly out of the phone book or b/c you've heard s/he's good... we've interviewed 2 so far, meeting with another one tomorrow and another one in a few weeks.   I hope we find a good fit!!!
Current Reads:  
In all my spare time! ha!!!

Looking forward to:  Our next and last shower, given by the Band kids on the 4th, followed that evening by our maternity pics!  Probably my last day at work, May 11th, and then, on the 13th, my grandma and sister arrive!!!  Happy Mother's Day to me! ;-)  And this!!!
                    Got this from my dearest friend Becca!  I can't wait to book this!!!  Sooo excited!

On the "Honey Do" list:  Ummm nothing?  Is that possible?  He's already working sooo hard writing marching band shows...  Our schedule is just soo crazy hectic alllll the time! Argh.  Seriously though, there are ONLY TWO DAYS in all of April that we didn't have some sort of obligation or appointment on the calendar!  Two days!!!  Is that normal?  Are other people that busy??? Seems nuts to me!

But I think the nursery is pretty much finished!  I still need to take the tags off of everything and wash all the blankets and clothes! But I've been waiting to do that till all our showers are over, just in case we get any duplicates or anything like that! I need to pack a "just in case" hospital bag, and I need to start gathering up all of our home birth supplies too!  I'm excited about that!

I think it's safe to say that Tenley's head will not go unadorned!  LOVE!

Monday, April 16, 2012

34 Weeks - I'm busy so you're only getting pics this week! ;-)

How far along? 34 weeks! As long as there aren't any health issues, if she were to be born now, after a brief NICU stay, she'd be just as good as a "full term" baby! wow!
Trimester: Third!
Days to Go: 42!!!
Baby size: 17.75'' or the size of a cantaloupe!
Baby weight: 4.75 pounds! Dang! How is that possible???

Monday, April 9, 2012

33 weeks! Been busy so it's a little late!

Forgot to snap a pic BEFORE we left for our shower, and so instead this one was taken at 1am.  Yes, I'm TIRED.  

Couldn't resist the "real pineapple" pic at Natural Grocers! 

How far along? 33 Weeks!
Trimester: 3rd
Days to Go:  50! (as of Monday the 9th) Seems like breaking the 100 mark was just yesterday!
Baby size: 17 inches! The size of a pineapple!!!
Baby weight: 4.25 pounds!  This just seems completely unbelievable to me!  How is it possible that we're so close to having a full size baby!?
Total weight gain:  haha.  Well the interesting thing is that this past 2 weeks I gained less than a pound!  But I still have no idea how much total I've actually gained! Only 6ish more weeks till I can start getting my body back!
Maternity clothes? Most definitely. And even plenty of them are starting to feel too tight and too constricting!   
Stretch marks? yes, unfortunately.  I have the one on my side, and a few on either side of my lower belly.  I'm really curious to see what happens to my belly button after she's out.... THAT should be interesting.  
Sleep: Not too bad, except for the waking up to pee, and the trying to get and stay comfortable.  It's really the getting UP that's the hardest.
Best moment this week:  All our showers!  They were both so fun, and I love seeing and hearing from all the people who already love Miss Tenley!
Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach, stretching, diet cokes and wine! And real sushi!  And wearing my wedding rings!  And my shoes fitting? lol.   Went to try to buy some new flip flops this week and I had to try on a NINE to find straps that weren't uncomfortable, but then they were sticking out like, 2 inches from my toes and heel.  I usually wear a 7, so yeahhhh.  No luck there.
Movement: Tons, and lots of hiccups too! Some of the movements still take my breath away!  She's really not making me uncomfortable yet.  I reallly havent had any of those "Oooh get out of my ribs!" or "Oh I can't breath!" moments.  Her movements are still sweet and I love it.  At our appointment with Carol this week, she said that Tenley  is "cliffhanging" on my pubic bone, meaning that she is head-down, and her head is right on top of my bladder area which is part of why I'm having to pee so often.  But perhaps, her being fairly low already is keeping me more comfortable in the rib/diaphragm area!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular, just food, and lots of it.  And often.  :-)  While doing our banking this week, I realized that we've spent over 6x what we normally spend on Restaurants this month... ;-/  I'm just too hungry, too tired and too prone to the power of suggestion right now! lol
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really!!!  The only thing bothering me this week is this nasty cold/allergies that's been hanging on for over a full week now!  Stuffy nose, deep chest congestion, LOTS of coughing!  General exhaustion and weariness!
Labor Signs: none yet!
Belly Button in or out? In, and shallow!!!! 
Wedding rings on or off? Off.  :(
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Definitely happy, but maybe a little more short tempered. And SLEEPY!  
Weekly Wisdom: Hmm. Do lots of kegels early in your pregnancy so you don't pee in your pants a little bit every time you sneeze or cough!  :-P
Current Reads:  I have LOTS of books on the list.... now if i could just find some time to read! lol.  We're also doing our Birth Bootcamp twice a week if we can manage, so that's adding a lot of study time too!
Looking forward to: interviewing another Pediatrician on Thursday, going to a Candlelight for the next Women's Walk to Emmaus on Saturday, and hopefully being LESS busy in general this week!!
On the "Honey Do" list: Not a lot, actually!  It's time to start gathering our Home Birth supplies! That's super exciting!

My growing Cloth Diaper collection! 

Our beautiful Shower at the Intermediate School on the 12th
Mimi and her friends, my wonderful hostesses!

Our sweet treats at our Jazz Band Shower on the 14th!  It was amazing!

Kimberly, me and Shyrl, my hostesses for the Jazz Band Shower

And just a little something to make you laugh! ;-)

Monday, April 2, 2012

32 Weeks!!! So close! OMG!

I was very tired in this pic.  Sorry you can't really see the belly b/c of the black background! 

One of my hilarious students went ahead and did this on the playground this week! HA!

How far along? 32 weeks!
Trimester: 3rd
Days to Go: 56 days! eek! (as of Monday, the 2nd)
Baby size: 16.7 inches, the size of a large jicama, whatever that is! haha
Baby weight:  3.75 pounds... that's almost FOUR pounds! holy crap!
Stretch marks? I got my FIRST one this week!!!  It's small, and on my right side.  I'm not DEVASTATED yet, only b/c I already had some there from middle school, getting tall too quickly.  Maybe that will be the only place i get them??? Fingers crossed!
Sleep: Getting harder and harder to get comfortable!  My belly needs support under it, my hips get a little numb if I lay on one side too long, and turning over takes an act of God!  Still getting up at least once to pee, I'm considering it a good night if its only once! But I did sleep in til 9am today (Friday) so that was AWESOME!!!
Best moment this week: My first shower was on Tuesday!!! My besties threw me a work shower, and it was SO beautiful and fun!  I got lots of adorable gifts and I'm even more excited now for the rest of our showers! I posted a whole album of shower pics on Facebook if you want to see more! ;-)
April, Me and Kristin, and of course Lil Miss Tenley!

AWESOME Diaper cake made by the fabulous April!

Beautiful frame made my one of my amazing coworkers! I LOVE it! 

Miss anything? I miss sleeping on my stomach and being able to stretch without worrying about leg cramps!
Movement: I think she's starting to get a little more cramped in there!  I still love feeling her move though, and it is definitely something I will miss when she is here!  
Food cravings:  Nothing specific really, but I am definitely getting hungry more often than I have been!
Anything making you queasy? If i go too long without eating, I'm noticing that I feel queasy again.
Labor Signs:  This question used to seem soooo far away... ;-/  it's feeling much more real now, but no, no labor signs yet!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!  Pretty much flat or flush with my belly though!  The other day I was examining my belly, and I noticed that theres a large 2'' circular area surrounding my existing belly button that seems more curved in than the rest of my belly.  I pointed it out to Luke and he said, "yeah that's what the rim of your belly button used to be." And I'm looking at it going .... "Nooo way!" But I guess he's right!  That's really bizarre!
Wedding rings on or off? definitely off. Miss my ring!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy! totally!
Weekly Wisdom:  You're the mom.  You do what YOU want! Do what's right for your kid!
Current Reads: Lots of great blogs, such as:  Also, doing an awesome Birth class onlilne:
Looking forward to:  Our next shower on Thursday and our Jazz Band shower on Saturday!!!  ;-)))
On the "Honey Do" list:  Pretty much completely finished... just need him to help me hang some shelves! So fun.  I LOVE being in the nursery.  It makes me happy!

Sweet little sunshine that plays "You Are My Sunshine" from Luke's mom, Tenley's Mimi

PRECIOUS rocking horse Tenley just HAD to have, obviously! 
Finished the last totally blank wall in the nursery!  Those lanterns are from our wedding!