Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a GIRL!!! All the Old Wives Tales were wrong!!!

Luke, Indy and me at Ultraview Imaging in Arlington TX.

Finally on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30, we got out of school for Christmas Break and flew home, packed the car up, and hit the road for Dallas!  We didn't get on the road til 1:30 and we had to be at the Ultrasound place at 4:30!  We had the very last appointment of the day! That meant we were going to have to make the 3 hour drive with this preggo and our dog and no pit stops!  I also had read that I was supposed to drink something sweet to help stimulate the baby 30 minutes prior to the appointment, AND that I wasn't supposed to empty my bladder immediately beforehand!   Needless to say by the time we got there, I was about to bust! haha!  Luckily, they were super nice and they even allowed us to bring Indy in the room with us (in his kennel- and he whimpered the whole time!).  They thought it was super cute that he came along with us!

UVI posted both of these two pics on their  Facebook!  Too cute!

The facility was amazing.  We were in this nice big room, large bed for me to lay on, and the images were projected onto this large screen on the wall for us to see! Within seconds of beginning the ultrasound, Makeba (the awesome tech with 20 years of experience!) goes "Well I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but I want to have a few more looks before I tell you."  

Just one baby, for all you people saying it was twins! ;)

I'm a Girl!

Sure enough, she did know what the sex was!  It's a girl!!!!  We were so surprised and sooo happy!

Sneak peek at the 3D/4D stuff

I love her little fingers on this one!!!  She's going to be a piano player like her daddy! He already found her a starter-piano!

We told the tech our plans about how we hadn't told our parents we were getting this
ultrasound and so we were planning to surprise them for Christmas, so she made us this little pic!
Afterwards, they had a few cute novelty items for purchase and we got these darling wrist bands!

We also got this darling little stuffed bunny that plays a recording of Baby Girl's heartbeat!
After we left the ultrasound place, God blessed us with a beautiful pink sunset in honor of our precious baby girl!!!

We were so happy and so thrilled just to see our tiny baby for the first time!  Add to that the knowledge that we're having a baby GIRL and I was just about as happy as a girl can be!

Luke had said the whole time that he wasn't leaning towards either a boy or a girl at all, and I'd been saying I expected a boy, but secretly, (or not so secretly!) I was hoping for a girl all along!!!

With Luke's aversion to frogs and my aversion to monkeys... and how neither of us are sports fans... it just makes more sense for us to have girls! haha

Now, the hard (fun!) parts..... deciding on a name, since we only had boys names picked out!
And deciding how we want to decorate the nursery!!!!!!

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