Monday, March 26, 2012

31 Weeks! I got a new plant for the mantel! Any wagers on how long it'll last!?

This shirt makes me look GIANT! lol

How far along? 31 Weeks!
Trimester: 3rd
Days to Go: 63 days! wowzers!
Baby size: 16.25 inches, or like carrying 4 navel oranges
Baby weight: 3.3 pounds, (at least!) lol
Maternity clothes? yessss
Weight Gain? Well we're still not talking about that, BUT I'm excited that in 9(ish) short weeks I can begin the journey back to my 130s!!!  Can't wait to get started getting my body back!  So glad I'm going to be blessed enough to stay home with Tenley so that I can eat healthy food and have time to exercise! Whether that's with her in a stroller, or on DVDs while she's napping, whatever that means, I'm ready for it!!!
Stretch marks? still none yet, thank you Lord!
Sleep:  pretty much seem to be waking up twice a night now... that's even less fun. Getting harder and harder to roll over, get out of bed, get comfy, etc.  And i'm SUPER HOT at bedtime.  Even with a fan blowing right on me, plus the ceiling fan, and the AC on 71, I'm still hot!!!It's weird b/c I don't seem to be that hot-natured all the time.  Just while I'm in bed.  Odd!
Best moment this week: Hearing little Miss Tenley's perfect heartbeat at our appt with Carol yesterday!
Miss anything? Moving with agility and balance.
Movement: Still feeling her quite a bit.  She's getting a little more crowded, so not as much as before, but I still love feeling her move.  It's definitely a different feeling than before too.  It used to be more sweet little nudges, but now it's more like I feel her rolling around, it's more "movement" than kicks that really catch my attention these days. And I think she's taken to stomping on my bladder too.  that's not very nice, Tenley!
Food cravings: Nothing specific, just hungry more often than usual.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, not really.  Just teeth-brushing.
Labor Signs: None yet, but I MAY have had a light Braxton Hicks or two but I'm not really sure!
Belly Button in or out? Still in!!! 
Wedding rings on or off? off. :( 

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Tired? is that an option???  They weren't lying about being tired again in your 3rd trimester.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want to get done, keep my feet propped up to let the swelling go down, AND get to bed on time!!!
Weekly Wisdom: Hmm, did you ever stop to think about how when we feed infants formula, it's actually cows milk?  Cows milk, which was made by our Creator to feed baby cows, is meant to make a 30 pound calf gain 100 pounds in a year.... is that really the best thing to feed our human babies?  Breast Milk is BEST!
Current Reads: The Joy of Breastfeeding by Linda McDonald, Hypnobabies
Looking forward to: Our showers! Can't wait to get some real baby stuff and start feeling more prepared!
On the "Honey Do" list: Need to hang the mirror over the changing table, and the shelves up on the wall.  I am bound and determined to try to get the "Family Tree" put up TONIGHT! ;-)  wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2012

30 weeks! Wow oh Wow! Only 10(ish) to go!!!

I've definitely been able to feel those feet and that little butt poking out of my tummy! So cute!

How far along? Holy THIRTY WEEKS BATMAN!!!
Trimester: third!
Days to Go: 70
Baby size: 15 and 3/4 inches and about the size of a large head of cabbage!
Baby weight: Almost 3 pounds!
Total weight gain: ha.  well.  alls i know is that I can't cross my legs anymore because my thighs are too fat and my belly gets in the way!  BUT--- the good news is, I'm "supposed" to gain about a pound a week for the next ten weeks, and THEN I get to start losing again!  Can't wait to have my body back!
Maternity clothes?  The softer, looser and comfier the better!!!
Stretch marks? None yet! yay!
Sleep: Hit or miss!  Some nights I wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee, sometimes I can make it 6 hours!  I haven't been getting ENOUGH sleep lately, because I've got soo much to do, and I've also been really HOT at night!  I've got a fan right next to my bed blowing on me!
Best moment this week:  Seeing the CRIB all set up in the nursery, FINALLY! Luke put it together as a surprise for me on Saturday when I was busy cooking all day!
Miss anything? MY MOBILITY!  It's getting hard to lift my leg up to get in the car, especially now that I'm in the Element, which is substantially taller than my Bug!!  Putting on undies or pants with ease, not to mention socks and shoes! Thankfully it's getting to be flip flop-all-the-time season!
Movement: Oh yes! Lots!  Some of them are getting to be a little twinge-of-painfulness, but generally I still really love feeling her move and watching my belly wriggle!
Food cravings:  mmm nothing specific.  I really like spicy stuff now, moreso than ever before. I even ordered jalapeno breadsticks when I was not with Luke the other day! That's odd.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Really no, just gag sometimes when I brush my teeth still.
Labor Signs: none yet!  I have felt my belly tightening up at times lately, but I don't think these feelings are necessarily Braxton Hicks yet.
Belly Button in or out? Still in!  I hope it stays there. lol
Wedding rings on or off?  definitely off.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  both. ;)  I'm much more short tempered and easily grouchified.  Still feel like I'm complaining a lot, which I don't mean to be, but I think it's just b/c I want Luke to understand what I'm feeling! lol
Weekly Wisdom: hmmm i got nothin' this week!
Current Reads: The Hunger Games trilogy!!!  Wait, what's that you say? That's not a baby-related book? oh!
Looking forward to: Our showers!  Can't wait to get some useful baby stuff, as opposed to just all the cute stuff I've been buying!!!  And seeing the nursery alllll finished!  It's SOOO close now.  I bet I'll have it MOSTLY done by the time Luke gets back from his Walk to Emmaus, but there are still a few things I need him to do for me when he gets back!
On Luke's "Honey Do" list:
-hang mirror over changing table
-hang shelves up

On MY to-do list while Luke is gone:
-finish touch ups on the furniture (I've pretty much completely "un-shabbied" them all! lol) See below!
-put up "Family Tree" circles and get/decide on family pictures to hang in the circle-frames.

Indy approves of the new rug! 

Getting there.... (this was before I "un-shabbied" the crib!)

Luke's Birthday gifts from me.... appropriate since we named our baby after a Bachelor Contestant, right? ;-) They can watch The Bachelorette together this summer in their "Daddy/Daughter" outfits! <3

Sorry it's sidewasys! lol

Friday, March 16, 2012

29 Weeks and our trip to Walt Disney World!

How far along? 29 Weeks
Trimester: 3rd trimester! ahh!
Days to Go: 78 days to go... oh boy!
Baby size: 15 and a half inches, or the size of a butternut squash!
Baby weight: 2.5 pounds!
Stretch marks? Still none!  Praise the Lord!  And my belly button isn't feeling quite so tight or sore lately either!
Sleep: Depends on the night!  Some nights I'm having to get up 2 or 3 times to pee.  That sucks!!!  I need to get my sleep before the baby gets here!!! I'm also having more hip pain and needing to roll over more frequently, which is getting harder and harder to do!  Especially in the double-size bed we were in at Disney! Argh! And my body pillow is just starting to make me HOT, more than anything!  So, yeah, sleep and I are growing more distant by the day! :(((  Anyone who knows me knows i love my sleep!
Best moment this week:   Having our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!  See above! I can't wait to take Tenley back and get the same picture, but with her on the outside this time!
Miss anything? I miss having a long stride!  This has never been more apparent than it was at Disney, when I had to walk about a bajillion miles a day, and I had to keep asking Luke to slow down, but finally I realized that it wasn't that he was walking too FAST it's just that his legs are long, and so his STRIDE is super long too... and mine is about, ohhh 6 inches these days!  That was a really frustrating realization for me!
Movement: Lots and lots!  Getting stronger and stronger every day!  I love watching my belly thump around.  It's not painful yet, but sometimes I DO think she's stomping on my bladder intentionally! lol
Food cravings:  Actuallly this week, I was randomly NOT hungry... for several days.  Could've just been the traveling, the resort food, thought it's quite yummy food! My belly was pretty displeased about it in general.  So I had to force myself to eat.  That was no fun.  Finally by our last night, I was feeling better just in time to eat in Epcot's World Showcase! My fave!!!  I had a delicious platter of chicken and onions, hummus, cous cous, and parsley salad from a restaurant in Morocco!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular! I have had crazy heartburn that never seems to go away though!  no fun. 
Labor Signs: None yet!
Belly Button in or out? still in! 
Wedding rings on or off? Off.  :(  I like the giant (glass) rock in my $10 claire's ring, but I miss wearing my wedding and engagement rings!!!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Mmmmm I wouldn't say "Moody" so much as "Complainy" perhaps! Or maybe it was just mostly the traveling?  I dunno, but I felt like a Complainy Complainerson this week and I hated to be at Disney and feeling grouchy, but it was hard to be away from home!!!  Especially while pregnant, asking my body to be more physical than I am used to, for longer amounts of time than I'm used to, eat on a different schedule than I'm used to, wait to go to the bathroom for longer than I'm used to, ride on brake-happy charter buses for way longer than necessary, sit in uncomfy airports for longer than you'd like.... and sleep in a teeny tiny bed! In a second story room.... with no roomservice during the day! lol.  But it's ok.  I survived, and I'm glad we got some cool pictures!  I definitely didn't force the issue on some days.  In fact, I stayed in all day on Sunday because it was raining, and we slept in most mornings, and we went back and took a 3 hour nap during the hottest part of the day on Tuesday.  So I tried to listen to my body and do what I needed to do instead of just forcing myself to try to have fun!
Weekly Wisdom:  Ummmm don't go to Disney World when you're preggers.  lol
Current Reads: This week, I took off from reading birth books (or, should I say, feeling guilty about NOT reading the birthbooks I need to be) and I finished the first and second Hunger Games books!  I'm eager to start the third book, but I need to knock out a few things on the to-do list first!  I HATE how slow I read non-fiction when I can blast though a fiction book in a day!
Looking forward to:  Getting the crib in the room and seeing the bedding all put together! Getting the rest of the decorations on the walls!
On the "Honey Do" list: We need to hang the mirror over the changing table and hang some shelves.  I finished the Name letters tonight and I can't wait to hang them on the wall!  Also still need to put up the Family Tree, but I'm waiting on having all the furniture in the room before I commit to decorations on the walls.... just in case we need to do any rearranging if it doesn't fit or feels too crowded.  We picked up the changing table today, and I was a little disappointed in how it looked...  It is a black dresser, with two big openings in the bottom for baskets to go in.  The place I bought it from does custom paint jobs, and they almost always do "shabby chic"ing to the pieces, where they sand down the edges and give it a slightly antiqued or worn look.  When we bought this dresser in January, I talked to the owner about NOT shabby-ing it, because I wasn't sure that would match with the theme of the room that I was going for, but then she told me that I really would want it, and that even people who have them not do the shabby, usually come back and ask them to shabby it later...  so I took her word for it.  But the more I thought about it, I was worried, so when my custom knobs came in from Etsy, I made it a point to go up there and talk to them about not doing the shabby again, and AGAIN I left with her talking me into it, and that I really would want it.  Then I went up there a THIRD time and specifically said I didn't think I wanted the shabby and I talked to the owner and the 2 other worker-women this time, and they all three said it would look great, and not look country, and that it would fit nicely in the modern room that I was planning........  So again, I left agreeing to it, just to do it lightly...   Sure wish I'd been more assertive on the fact that I didn't want that.  Because now, I have a $300 dresser that I'm not 100% happy with and that sucks.  And I paid an arm and a leg for them to paint my cheap crib and toy box.... and they're going to be shabbied too.  Not sure what I want to do about that, because It's already taken them forever to get my stuff finished in the first place, so the last thing I want to do is take it back up there and wait some more.  But at the same time, I've paid this place over $500 so I really should be happy with the finished product... :-/

 On a happier note, when we got home from disney on Wednesday night, I found my custom-made "T" rug I ordered had arrived! LOVE IT!
 Today I recovered the bottom shelves of this little book shelf....

And since I was bummed about the rest of the furniture, I convinced Luke to let me buy that little side table I've been wanting!  It looks super cute next to the chair!  
Notice the awesome curtains with the cute ribbons on top?  Tenley's Aunt Caitlin helped attach those just for her! 

T is for Tenley!

Happy 29 Weeks from Cinderella's Castle! 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Luke was kissing his daughter, and Indy was making me laugh!

Caitlin, Emily and Tenley Sue!

How far along?  28 Weeks
Trimester: THIRD!  Eeeeek!
Days to Go: 84 more days! wow.
Baby size: 14.8 inches, the size of a chinese cabbage
Baby weight: 2.25 pounds!  at least!!!
Total weight gain: la la la.....  At our appointment with Carol this weekend, I didn't gain as much this past month as I did the month BEFORE, but still kindof a lot, I gathered.  I'm still not looking and asking not to be told.  I just don't want to know.
Maternity clothes? yes, and some of them are even getting too tight.  I (dumbly) attempted to put on an old pair of non-maternity pants that used to be way too big, and yeah i couldn't even *attempt* to close them.  Like, at all.  lol (I have to laugh or I just might cry!)
Stretch marks? Not yet.... but i feel like I'm thisclose to getting some on/around my belly button.  It is TENDER! above and below.  Very tender. And tight.  Yesterday Luke accidentally put too much pressure on my belly button while he was talking to our baby, and I shrieked!  It's realllllly tender. :(  But that seems to be the only place!
Sleep: Not too terrible lately.  But I'm feeling sleepier and sleepier! I did find out Saturday that my hemoglobin (iron) levels are low, so I'm starting to take some chlorophyll, which is supposed to help.  And I bought some new prenatals so maybe those will make a difference too!
Best moment this week:  seeing my sister's face the first time she got to feel her niece kick! ;-)
Miss anything? I'm about to be missing my CARRRR! :(  My sister is here from North Carolina and she brought my dad's Honda Element for me to drive, and she's taking my VW bug back to NC for my mom to drive.  I miss my car already! I LOVE driving my fast, tiny, YELLOW car with my huge pink flower!  I'm going to miss it a lot, but I am looking forward to this next chapter.  I SUPPOSE Lil Miss Tenley is worth giving up my precious car! haha!!  Luke is not quite as disappointed in this new exchange as I am.  lol  He's looking forward to driving something a litttttle more manly! lol
Movement: Lots!  Every so often they make me exclaim out loud, "Woah" or "Oooh!"  Sometimes when I feel her kick now, I can tell it's definitely a BODY part, as opposed to just fluttery popcorn popping inside there.   Really crazy to think about.  I LOVE sitting here with my shirt pulled up watching my belly wriggle and thump around.  I like to put the remote control or my iphone on my tummy so I can see it teeter-totter around as she moves.  (did I say that last week?  lol!  I can't remember!)  Sometimes, her dad and I like to play a little game where we push on my tummy in different places, and occasionally she'll push back in the same place! haha!  It could be coincidence, but we like to think we're interacting with our daughter! ;-)
Food cravings: Nothing in particular!
Anything making you queasy or sick: just brushing my teeth.
Have you started to show yet:  ha. ha.
Gender: teeny sweet lil girl!
Labor Signs: none yet!
Belly Button in or out? extremely shallow! 
Wedding rings on or off? ive been wearing my fake-bling with my wedding band, but even those are starting to feel tight and i take them off several times throughout the day.  :(
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy MOST of the time, but I am definitely feeling more emotional than normal.
Weekly Wisdom:  I may have said this before, but I wish I'd taken the advice to "Eat BETTER, not more."  I'm TRYING... but not being as successful as I would've thought I'd be able to be.
Current Reads:  Hypnobirthing, Chicken Soup, and I'm about to start reading The Hunger Games!!! Eep!
Looking forward to: Leaving for Disney on Saturday (in the wee hours)!  I'm so excited about one last "Babymoon" but I'm also tired already just thinking about it!  I can't ride any of the rides, so I don't know what I'll do besides EAT! But I'm still excited about going!   I'm also looking forward to taking some maternity pics, if I can decide on a (or decide to pay a TON of money to a great) photographer!!!
On the "Honey Do" list: Tonight, Luke sanded the wooden letters we got for her name, and Caitlin has been helping me cut out paper circles and get the curtains ready!  We're really playing a waiting game for the furniture to be finished getting painted, because I don't want to put anything on the walls until I'm SURE the furniture will fit where I think it will!  Just in case I have to rearrange! But I'm really really really getting excited to see the finished project!