Monday, March 5, 2012


Luke was kissing his daughter, and Indy was making me laugh!

Caitlin, Emily and Tenley Sue!

How far along?  28 Weeks
Trimester: THIRD!  Eeeeek!
Days to Go: 84 more days! wow.
Baby size: 14.8 inches, the size of a chinese cabbage
Baby weight: 2.25 pounds!  at least!!!
Total weight gain: la la la.....  At our appointment with Carol this weekend, I didn't gain as much this past month as I did the month BEFORE, but still kindof a lot, I gathered.  I'm still not looking and asking not to be told.  I just don't want to know.
Maternity clothes? yes, and some of them are even getting too tight.  I (dumbly) attempted to put on an old pair of non-maternity pants that used to be way too big, and yeah i couldn't even *attempt* to close them.  Like, at all.  lol (I have to laugh or I just might cry!)
Stretch marks? Not yet.... but i feel like I'm thisclose to getting some on/around my belly button.  It is TENDER! above and below.  Very tender. And tight.  Yesterday Luke accidentally put too much pressure on my belly button while he was talking to our baby, and I shrieked!  It's realllllly tender. :(  But that seems to be the only place!
Sleep: Not too terrible lately.  But I'm feeling sleepier and sleepier! I did find out Saturday that my hemoglobin (iron) levels are low, so I'm starting to take some chlorophyll, which is supposed to help.  And I bought some new prenatals so maybe those will make a difference too!
Best moment this week:  seeing my sister's face the first time she got to feel her niece kick! ;-)
Miss anything? I'm about to be missing my CARRRR! :(  My sister is here from North Carolina and she brought my dad's Honda Element for me to drive, and she's taking my VW bug back to NC for my mom to drive.  I miss my car already! I LOVE driving my fast, tiny, YELLOW car with my huge pink flower!  I'm going to miss it a lot, but I am looking forward to this next chapter.  I SUPPOSE Lil Miss Tenley is worth giving up my precious car! haha!!  Luke is not quite as disappointed in this new exchange as I am.  lol  He's looking forward to driving something a litttttle more manly! lol
Movement: Lots!  Every so often they make me exclaim out loud, "Woah" or "Oooh!"  Sometimes when I feel her kick now, I can tell it's definitely a BODY part, as opposed to just fluttery popcorn popping inside there.   Really crazy to think about.  I LOVE sitting here with my shirt pulled up watching my belly wriggle and thump around.  I like to put the remote control or my iphone on my tummy so I can see it teeter-totter around as she moves.  (did I say that last week?  lol!  I can't remember!)  Sometimes, her dad and I like to play a little game where we push on my tummy in different places, and occasionally she'll push back in the same place! haha!  It could be coincidence, but we like to think we're interacting with our daughter! ;-)
Food cravings: Nothing in particular!
Anything making you queasy or sick: just brushing my teeth.
Have you started to show yet:  ha. ha.
Gender: teeny sweet lil girl!
Labor Signs: none yet!
Belly Button in or out? extremely shallow! 
Wedding rings on or off? ive been wearing my fake-bling with my wedding band, but even those are starting to feel tight and i take them off several times throughout the day.  :(
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy MOST of the time, but I am definitely feeling more emotional than normal.
Weekly Wisdom:  I may have said this before, but I wish I'd taken the advice to "Eat BETTER, not more."  I'm TRYING... but not being as successful as I would've thought I'd be able to be.
Current Reads:  Hypnobirthing, Chicken Soup, and I'm about to start reading The Hunger Games!!! Eep!
Looking forward to: Leaving for Disney on Saturday (in the wee hours)!  I'm so excited about one last "Babymoon" but I'm also tired already just thinking about it!  I can't ride any of the rides, so I don't know what I'll do besides EAT! But I'm still excited about going!   I'm also looking forward to taking some maternity pics, if I can decide on a (or decide to pay a TON of money to a great) photographer!!!
On the "Honey Do" list: Tonight, Luke sanded the wooden letters we got for her name, and Caitlin has been helping me cut out paper circles and get the curtains ready!  We're really playing a waiting game for the furniture to be finished getting painted, because I don't want to put anything on the walls until I'm SURE the furniture will fit where I think it will!  Just in case I have to rearrange! But I'm really really really getting excited to see the finished project!

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