Monday, February 27, 2012

27 Weeks!!!

Yup, pregnant and barefoot!haha
Beautiful flowers from my amazing husband, as a welcome back from my Walk to Emmaus!

I chose this pic from another app I use, because I liked it better since she is "head down."  Let's hope she stays that way!

How far along? 27 Weeks!  Holy Moly!!!
Trimester: Ummm 2nd Trimester, according to the two apps I use, but according to other sources, 27 weeks is the THIRD TRIMESTER!!! Ahhhhhhh!  It's going by sooo fast! So fast!
Days to Go: 91 days to go!
Baby size: 14.5 inches, if her legs were all stretched out! wowzers! The size of a head of cauliflower!
Baby weight: 2 pounds! And she could be even more, ACTUALLY!  It's just 2 pounds according to my app.  I have a student this year who was only 3 pounds when she was born!  That's kind of amazing to think about.........
Total weight gain: hmph.  And I'm SURE I'm going to be in trouble with my midwife b/c she moved up our appointment to this THURSDAY so I'll barely have ANY time to undo the damage I did by eating myself into oblivion this weekend!!!!!! Argh.
Maternity clothes? yesss
Stretch marks? none so far! fingers crossed!  But feeling like it's GOT to be inevitable at this point! lol
Sleep: not too bad lately.  I am starting to get some leg cramps, especially when I wake up in the morning. As long as I quickly flex my feet and stretch out my calves, I can avoid a true "cramp" but I'm just hoping it can stay that way! I read in my weekly pregnancy info this morning that those cramps are caused by pressure from my uterus pressing on veins and nerves.   I've also been having some shooting pains in my lower back when I walk sometimes.  Especially when I step on my left foot.  That's kind of interesting to me.  Our bodies are miraculous creations!!
Best moment this week: My Walk to Emmaus--- in it's entirety.  I loved growing spiritually, strengthening my relationship with God, working through some deep-seated personal issues I've had for a long time, and becoming a more confident and Godly woman who is moving into a whole new chapter of life, MOTHERHOOD! :-)  I feel more equipped now to provide Tenley with what she needs to feel a sense of belonging in her church home, and for me to be a confident, genuine, outspoken Christian example for her to witness.
Miss anything? sushi, diet cokes, wine!  Bending over easily.  Wearing my engagement ring! Being tan!
Movement: Tons!  I think she had the hiccups tonight!  I LOVE watching my belly bump around.  I'm often sitting here with my shirt all pulled up so I can watch her wiggle! In fact, I missed being able to do that on my Walk, since I had a roommate I was trying not to freak out! lol
Food cravings: Yes.  lol.  Everything!  Nothing in particular.
Anything making you gag: Just brushing my teeth.
Have you started to show yet: Ha. ha.  One of the girls on my walk, (who happened to be 5'10''!) sweetly told me that she was as big when she delivered as I am now... haha.  Thaaaanks!  lol
Gender: I LOVE buying sweet little girl things for her to wear, have in her room, play with.... so sweet.
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button in or out?  Verrrry shallow!  The scar I have from having my belly button pierced USED to be right at the top curve of my belly button, but NOW it's like, an INCH from my existing belly button.  And I've been feeling a lot of tightness/pressure/tenderness around my belly button, top and bottom lately.
Wedding rings on or off?  My fingers are definitely getting too fat for my rings.  All of them.  :(((
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happppppppy!
Weekly Wisdom:  Losing a lot of weight before getting pregnant, while still a good idea, results in gaining too much weight and having size-image issues! lol  I really would've thought I knew better!
Current Reads: Chicken Soup, Hypnobirthing, Adult Children of Alcoholics- a book I picked up on my Walk, as well as Shepherding the Child's Heart, Who Moved My Cheese, and a book of quotes for Moms that one of my table-mates picked out for me! So sweet!
Looking forward to:  What am I NOT looking forward to would be an easier question!!! I guess, this week, I'm looking forward to getting my hair done on Wednesday, and seeing our midwife on Thursday and hearing little Tenley's heartbeat, and then on Friday Caitlin and Colin get here!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yayyyyy!!!
On the "Honey Do" list:  Paint the wooden letters that we got for her name sign, need to move the dresser into the closet and make sure it fits like I'm expecting it will, hang the giant mirror on the wall above where the changing table will go!  Oooh and I got a call this morning from Furniture Junk-It saying they were starting on our pieces!!!  Yay!  I want the furniture now!!! lol  :-)))))))  I need to be working on making the background pieces for her name sign, attaching the ribbon, cutting out the circles for the Family Tree, attaching the ribbons to her curtains and hanging them.... LOTS TO DO!!! So much fun!

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