Monday, January 2, 2012

19 weeks! Almost half way! wow!

How far along?  19 weeks
Trimester: 2nd
Days to Go: 147
Baby size:  6 inches, or the size of an heirloom tomato, whatever that is! lol
Baby weight: 8.5oz (more than half a pound! wow!)
Total weight gain: ..... I'm not weighing any more.  Ever.   (close to 20 pounds! grr)
Maternity clothes? Oh yes.  I can still wear most of my shirts but I have bought a bunch of things that are either maternity or super giant and long and comfy.   
Stretch marks? no... dreading the day...
Sleep: Not as good as usual... sleeping on my left is difficult.  I end up on my back quite often, which isn't supposed to be good for our bloodflow, and so sometimes I give up and sleep on my right.  But I'm trying!
Best moment this week: Seeing all my Arkansas friends, having dinner at PF Changs, catching up, taking Belly Pics with Leann, and spending NYE with Becca! Miss them! <3
Miss anything? Diet Coke and red wine, real sushi, exercising and feeling skinny!
Movement: Yes!  I felt my first kicks this weekend!  On Sunday, the 1st, I thought I felt her while we were sitting at a gas station in Texarkana on our drive home, but I wasn't sure.  Then on Monday night, we were laying in bed about to go to sleep and I felt another strange feeling, and this time it made my face light up and made me laugh!  I was pretty sure I'd just felt some of the first movements of my precious little one! So exciting!  It feels so ... interesting!  I don't know how to describe it!  I can't wait to feel it a little more pronounced, and I really can't wait for Luke to be able to feel it! So much fun!
Food cravings: Apparently I'm not a creative-craver... I just crave whatever I see or hear about!  OH but Luke did have to go on his first "Craving Run" on Thursday because I was wanting an Ice Cream Sandwich like the delicious one I had in Morgantown, NC on our drive home.  So he went to the store and LUCKILY was able to find the exact same brand.  It was scrumptious!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Getting too hungry, or worse, too full!  And sometimes, but not always, juice.  I thought it was just Orange Juice, but I ended up getting rid of quite a lot of cranberry juice on the side of the highway in Arkansas.... that was lovely.  But at least it tastes the same both directions! lol
Belly Button in or out? Definitely on it's way to being out.  Which is quite impressive, because I've always had a deep belly button! 
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy! 
Weekly Wisdom: Hmmm... do lots of reading. Most people do more research to buy an appliance or a car than they do on being pregnant and exploring their birthing options and rights...  I just don't understand that, but then again, I am quite the researcher...  BE INFORMED!  It's your body!  If you don't stand up for yourself now, no one else will.  And start this baby's life off right by giving them the best chance of health that you can, whatever that means for you, as long as you're informed and educated about your choices and not just being a "sheep" following the crowds misguided ways, then that's fine with me.   
 Current Reads:  Finished Bradley Method, still reading Ina May
 Looking forward to: having our next meeting with Carol on the 3rd! Hearing our baby girl's heartbeat again!
 On the "Honey Do" list: Get rid of the love seat in the office, and move the bed out of the nursery! oh yeah and the cleaning that has to accompany that too! lol

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  1. This is an awesome way to share the growth of you, your baby and family! Love hearing the developments!