Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Meet Our Midwife!

We had our first meeting with Carol Hutson today.  She is a certified midwife here in town.  She's been helping moms birth babies for 30 years!  She's never had an emergency transfer, never lost a baby and never lost a mom.  She is extremely knowledgeable and I felt comfortable with her right away.  She spent two hours with us on this appointment and gave us lots of information to read and things to think about.  I started a folder to keep all our info organized!  She also has an AMAZING lending library of birth books and materials I can check out!  Can't wait to delve into it!

One of our biggest questions for her was if there were any other options besides hospital births and home births here in town... And the answer, Nope.  But the more we discussed it, the more sure we felt that we were making the right decision to have Carol help us have an amazing Home Birth!!!

I feel very confident that I want to have this baby completely naturally and I feel that we have the best chance to have the empowering, uplifting natural birth we want for this baby in the comfort of our own home!  I could write about this for AGES... so I'll just leave it at that for today!    So excited about Carol and McMuffin!

First Appointment Stats:
Blood Pressure: 119/80
Pulse: 79
Weight: 138.8

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