Sunday, September 25, 2011

Telling my mom and dad, who have yet to pick out Grandparent names!

Am I REALLY preggo???

Yup.... these say yes too! haha!

So.... I did a lot of research on fun ways to tell my family... But the more research I did, the sadder I got that I wouldn't be able to tell them in person!  So, against all common sense, we spent way over a thousand dollars to buy two plane tickets for the following week!

Originally I wanted to try to surprise them all, including my little sister Caitlin, so I messaged one of her college friends/roommates to see if she had any plans to go home that weekend.  I asked her to keep it a secret, but little did I know, Caitlin was standing right behind her when she got the message and so my surprise was thwarted from the very beginning! haha!  In the end, Luke and I decided it would be better to let Caitlin in on the secret so that she could pick us up from the airport! She did a marvelous job keeping it a secret from mom and dad and Mama Sue (my grandma) and our uncle, who all live at my parents house.

Our flight was leaving from Dallas at 5am on Saturday morning, so we ended up having to make the 3 hour drive to Dallas on Friday night AFTER a late football game!  We were so sleepy, and by the time we got to the DFW airport, it was 3am and we slept in some uncomfortable chairs for an hour or so while we waited on the terminals to open.  We finally boarded and got some sleep on the plane, until our layover in Charlotte, NC, which was frustrating, since that's where my sister is in school, but we had to continue on to  Greensboro, which was closer to my parent's house at least!  Caitlin and her boyfriend Colin picked us up at the airport around 10am and we made the drive home, which seemed to take forever!!!

Of course, when we got there, dad and Mama Sue had left to run an errand, so we were forced to wait even LONGER to tell them!  Mom had just gotten out of the shower and was still in her room, so Caitlin went in and told her "Mom, I TOLD you to be ready to go to lunch when we got back!" and mom comes out in her towel and sees ME standing there!  It was such a good surprise! hahaha!

Then we had to wait on Dad and Mama Sue to get back and they finally showed up and saw us! We had to  make sure Mama Sue didn't have a heart attack from the surprise of us being there! It was so fun.  Finally, Luke went up and got their gifts, and brought them down to us all, sitting around the kitchen table.

I thought I was going to bust at the seams....  I was so excited!

From then on out, we just had so much fun!  We could only stay for 24 hours, so we had to pack a lot of fun into those few hours we had!  Dad went to the store and bought me another white cake with white icing, and this one said "Baby" on it!  It was even in yellow frosting, exactly like the one I had picked out to share with Luke's family!

They were soo excited for us! Dad especially.  He want's to be called Papaw, and mom wants them to be "Moppy and Poppy" but Dad doesn't like that! hahaha.  They're going to have to figure it out by summer!

We had to leave around 10am the next day, so it was a short and sweet visit, but so so fun and worthwhile!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my friend Cat!  I'm so happy I was able to tell you our news while you opened your Birthday present, even though it wasn't on the actual day! ;)

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