Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Telling Mimi and Pepaw

I went to Target and bought a bunch of cute stuff to assist in the telling of our families...

Luke called his parents today to invite them over for dinner one night this week.  We said it could be tonight, Wednesday or Thursday, and that I would be making a big dinner and so we just thought they could come help us eat it.  They agreed to come tonight (ahh!) but then Luke and I realized we needed to have put the stuff in the crockpot earlier this morning for that big dinner to be ready in 3 hours! Haha!

So we thought maybe we could order a pizza or something and that once they heard the news, it wouldn't matter that I hadn't actually cooked, BUT THEN... we found out that Mark was going to be running late, but that Kim would go ahead and come over at 6pm on her own.  This threw a wrench in our plans because if she saw A) the pizza, or B) no crockpot going, she'd know something was up! So I flew to the grocery store at 5pm and got all the stuff to do a quick chili and got home and started dinner just as Kim arrived!  Luke wasn't even home yet, so I had to attempt to make awkward small talk with my mother-in-law, all while trying to keep this humongous elephant in the room quiet, and make sure she didn't get in the fridge to accidentally see this cake I bought... (I'd been craving cake!) lol  It was white cake with white icing and it said "and Baby makes 3!" on it! So sweet!

Luke got home shortly thereafter and they chit-chatted for a bit.  I was grateful to be cooking to give my fidgety hands something to do, and Luke said he was glad to not be cooking, because he never would have gotten anything made!

FINALLY, Mark arrived and Luke had them both sit down on the couch and we handed them the box....

  They were sooo happy and excited!  Kim screamed when she realized what she was holding! I wish I had gotten a video because it was perfect!  Over dinner, they told us they'd been buying grand baby stuff for years!  It was really sweet!  Now comes the hard part of trying to keep this a secret till mid-November!!!

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