Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thirty NINE Weeks (and 3 days)!!!

How far along? 39 Weeks, 3 days
Trimester: 3rd!!!  Almost done!
Days to Go: 5!!!  (8 as of Monday, but 5 today!)
Baby size: 20 inches, the size of a mini watermelon
Baby weight: 7.25lb (can't wait to see what she actually weighs!)
Total weight gain:  harrrumph
Stretch marks? lots and more each day
Sleep: not so much great.  I think I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, and it's definitely worse at night.  My fingers tingle and go to sleep, my hands are stiff and sore when I wake up, and it's waking me up at night b/c my hands are numb.  They really don't look swollen, but they're certainly feeling abnormal. Luckily this should go away as the fluid retention drains...   Then theres the having to pee every two hours of so, and the needing a crane to get out of bed, made worse only by the necessity to pee.  PLUS--- we went ahead and made up the bed the way it'll need to be for labor, (i.e. one set of sheets, the vinyl mattress cover, topped with another set of sheets) but the vinyl cover has made me SOOOOO HOT and sweaty.  I can't stand it.  Going to have to take that off before tonight.  Can't stand it!
Best moment this week:  So many great moments this week, but a very special one that comes to mind was at Luke's Spring Band Concert this past Tuesday, he premiered his very first piece of music he's ever written for Concert Band.  It's called "Spoken Softly with a Gentle Heart" and it is a fabulous piece of music.  Though it was commissioned in honor of someone else, he dedicated it to Tenley! So.  Sweet.  Brought tears to my eyes.  <3  Love my precious little family!

Have you told family and friends: Have I told them?  I've told them they better be getting here quick b/c this baby is coming sooooon! ;-)
Miss anything? Being skinny!  Exercising!  Heck, bending over!
Movement: Lots and lots!  Tons of hiccups, lots of stretching.  I'm going to miss seeing her move in my belly!  I'll never forget the way she feels.
Food cravings:  yes.  snow cones.  lol
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing really right now!  Nice reprieve.    
Labor Signs: I'm having lots of Braxton Hicks.  They don't really hurt, except for a second or so around the bottom of my belly, and then I feel my whole tummy tighten up, and it stays that way for a minute and half or two minutes!  Pretty crazy, but it's giving me some good practice trying to relax and breath through it, even though they don't really hurt.  I mean, practicing relaxing when you feel fine is kind of a joke when you realize you're supposed to be envisioning flowers and relaxing all your muscles when you're body feels like it's self-destructing or something!  Not exactly an adequate preparation for that!
Belly Button in or out?  Still in!  Don't guess it's going to pop out!  I'm ok with that.
Wedding rings on or off? Definitely off.
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy and tired.
Weekly Wisdom:  I thought this quote was encouraging!  I have faith!!!

Current Reads:  ummmm well I should be reading my huge stack of books, but actually i'm reading the 50 Shades of Grey series... On the 3rd one now.  Good books!  Not for the faint of heart!
Looking forward to:  My mom and dad arriving tomorrow night, and Becca arriving on Friday!!!
And THEN we can get this show on the road!!!  I can't wait to see Miss Tenley's face!!! <3
On the "Honey Do" list:
-- finish filling in the pregnancy journal
--watch our last Birth Bootcamp video
--watch this Breastfeeding video that came with our Bootcamp
--attend a Breastfeeding class tomorrow
--make a Pregnancy memory book
--make a chore chart for after she arrives

And then I think we're officially ready!!! ;-)

Here's some pics for you!
Our new couch arrived on Friday!!!  So happy to have nice clean places to sit with Tenley!
The chaise is sooo comfy for my little family!

Very happy to receive my carseat canopy (and headband)  from Etsy!!! LOVE!

Mama Sue and Caitlin put our swings/sleeper together for me!

They did an awesome job!

Saw this and thought it was quite appropriate!  Not looking forward to having body image issues again,
but I AM looking forward to getting my body back!  Fingers crossed it happens quickly! 

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