Wednesday, May 16, 2012

38 Weeks!

How far along? 38 Weeks.  I can't believe we've already come this far!
Trimester: 3rd
Days to Go: 14ish!  Eeeek!
Baby size:  19.75 inches, the length of a Leek
Baby weight: 6.8 pounds (remembering this is just according to the app, she could definitely be bigger than that! lol)
Stretch marks? more and more!  I have some above my belly button now too, and more on my sides. 
But I'm choosing to look at it like this: (caution: language! sorry)

Sleep: Not bad, but my hips are getting more particular about how long I lay on them at night.  Getting up about 2 times in the middle of the night to pee, plus I always have to pee first thing in the morning, so now that I can sleep in, I'm going to count that as getting up THREE times each night!  And the physical act of actually getting up... harder and harder.  Sometimes i feel like I can't actually move my legs, even though my brain is sending the signal.  AND my hands have been sorta numb and tingly and unable to grip/close all the way lately, so moving the body pillow is proving to be difficult too! Overall, it's definitely one of my most difficult physical tasks!
Best moment this week:  I had so many great moments this week!   Maybe the BEST one was sleeping in on Monday morning and realizing I didn't have to get up and go to work!!!  :-D Here are the rest of my best moments, in pictures:

Our maternity pics turned out awesome!!!  You can see most of them on Facebook, and I'll add more soon.
They're all amazing!

Took my student's on our last field trip!  This is only half of them, but we had fun!

We had a little "Going Away Party" Friday afternoon.  I love this picture because of the silly faces
being made, and because of the two boys on the far left that are looking at me... I think it's really sweet! 

These are all the gifts I received on Friday for Baby, my last day, and Teacher Appreciation Week! So sweet!

Beautiful flowers from my students!

We had a blast at this year's Band Banquet!  It was a Harry Potter theme and I loved it!
My First Mother's Day!  It started out with a delicious breakfast in bed made by my gorgeous husband.  He made me eggs, bacon and Cracker Barrel pancakes from scratch!  Deeelicious!  Then, he gave me presents! ;-)))

The sweetest little book of baby animals with cute quotes about Motherhood!
AND the most gorgeous frame kit to put a picture of Tenley and her sweet little hand and foot prints!!! <3

 Then, Mother's Day just kept on getting better because we got to go pick up Caitlin and Mama Sue from the airport!!! ;-)  After they got home, they were pretty tired from getting up super early, so we decided it was time for a nap!

For Mother's Day, I got a nice little nap with all FOUR of my babies!  And Luke joined in too! <3
 Luke also hosted Mother's Day dinner here at our house for me, Mama Sue (and Caitlin), Kim (and Mark), Big Mama, and Mammaw!  Luke cooked a delicious dinner of lasagna, blue cheese chopped salad, garlic bread and iced tea! And finished it off with an apple pie and vanilla ice cream! He even cleaned it all up too!  What an amazing husband i have!
The inside of the sweetest card I got from Tenley's namesake! 
Mama Sue brought Tenley's quilt that she worked super hard on!  
I love it! <3

Miss anything?   Mobility!  Sleeping on my tummy!
Movement:  Oh she moves a lot and gets hiccups all the time! She's down so low right now, it seems like her movements are getting ouchier and ouchier.  Especially down low.  I still haven't had much trouble breathing, or felt her in my ribs or anything like that up high, she's just been really low the whole time.
Food cravings:  Just snowcones! ;-)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not too bad lately! 
Labor Signs: None yet, but I'm sure checking really closely for the mucus plug to come out or anything like that!!!
Belly Button in or out?  In, but extremely shallow, almost completely flush I think!  I'm reallly curious to see what it looks like afterwards?  Will it just go back to normal or what??? lol
Wedding rings on or off?  ohhh off yes.  Even my size 8 big ring leaves marks on my fingers some days.  :(  None of my solid bracelets will fit over my wrist either! lovely!!!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy and tired. ;-)
Weekly Wisdom:  :)

Current Reads:  I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey and promised myself to read a baby book before I bought the sequel to 50 Shades... So I zoomed through "Your Amazing Newborn" which was pretty amazing!!!  And then I let myself buy "50 Shades Darker".  I haven't had any time to read it yet, but I'm eager to start! ;-)   It's much easier to find time to read when you're not working!
Looking forward to:  Becca, Mom and Dad arriving soooon!  Our new couch is supposed to arrive on FRIIIDAY!!!  SUPER excited about that!!! Going to see "What to Expect" with friends this weekend I hope! Getting my hair done by Toby on Saturday! My hair has missed him! lol  Since this is a little late, I was also really looking forward to the premiere of Bachelorette which was on Monday! And of course.... I'm looking forward to seeing Miss Tenley's precious face!!!
On the "Honey Do" list: I have two To-Do lists on my phone and I created one on a dry erase board to display in the house so hopefully we can get everything done soon, while interspersing each item with some feet-propped up time/and/or a nap!!! ;-)    

Oh and just an interesting note to leave you on....

Tenley will be here before this milk expires........ ;-D


  1. you are such a freaking cutie!!!
    i love that quilt in your pic, so sweet!
    and that's totally crazy about your milk still being good by the time she gets here!


  2. So excited for you and can't wait to hear when she arrives. You better have someone update the blog because I ditched Facebook and want to know all about her!
    Good luck momma!