Sunday, February 5, 2012

24 weeks! Got our crib this weekend!

How far along? 24 Weeks! zomg!
Trimester: 2nd
Days to Go: 112.... when it gets to be less than 100 I'm going to freak!
Baby size:  12.5 inches, or the length of an ear of corn!
Baby weight: 1.25 pounds!!!
Total weight gain: la la laaaahhhh?
Maternity clothes? mostly, yes.  I can wear some normal shirts and any pants with a stretchy waist.  I really don't like the wide waist band of maternity pants very much.  I always fold it down past my belly, but then that gives me serious muffin top, so I usually wear a belly band too, but sometimes that is all just too much tightness on my middle!  Lately I've been hunting for loose, soft clothing with no elastic and no cinching!  Especially at bedtime, but Tshirts are too hot around my neck.  Might need to invest in some of those snazzy wide-arm-hole tank tops! lol

Stretch marks? none yet.  My mom didn't get any, but I definitely inherited my dad's skin, so we'll see!
Sleep: Karma got me for saying last week that I was sleeping better.  I'm definitely having to get up around 3-4am to pee, and i really am sucking at sleeping on my left side.  It makes my ear hurt!  So I find myself on my back a lot, which i never used to do, and is a no-no while preggers, so sometimes I'll roll onto my right, but then I have to put my body pillow between Luke and me, and neither of us likes that between us. And my poor little chihuahua HATES that pillow!  The crook behind my knees is HIS spot and the pillow is definitely stepping on his turf!  He'll go under the covers and come right back out again and look at me like, UH HELLO? haha poor puppy.
Best moment this week: Luke actually got to see my belly jumping and twitching on Saturday morning and that was really neat!  She's getting so big in there, and moving so much! I'm hoping she's comfy when she's rolling and kicking all over the place... kinda makes me worry she's not happy! I wonder what she's thinking about in there all day?   I completed doing our Registries too!  We are registered at Target, Amazon, and Walmart!  Here are some links if you want to check 'em out:
Walmart Registry
Target Registry
Amazon Registry

Oh, and we got our crib this weekend!!!  So exciting!  Just needs paint! Ooh and our awesome drawer pulls came in the mail this week!  My first Etsy purchase!  Shopping online is just TOO easy!  And dangerous!  But I LOVE them!

Miss anything? Not really, just being able to pick things up without thinking about it and moving easily.
Movement: TONS!  all the time!  I love it!
Food cravings:  I've been wanting sweet things lately, like donuts, which is odd b/c I'm normally not a huge donut fan.  I haven't actually gotten any donuts, just found myself thinking about them several mornings here lately!  And today I ordered Monkey Bread at Bueno.  Luke looked at me and goes, "seriously?" lol  just because that's pretty out of the norm for me! haha  Guess what they say about "sugar and spice and everything nice" for little girls is true!!!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really, just brushing my teeth, getting too hungry, which doesn't happen often.  That's about it.  THANKFULLY!
Showing:  There's a girl at church due around the same time as me and she's having TWINS and i'm bigger than her!  I guess I am probably a month ahead of her or so, b/c since they're twins she said they'll "take them" at 36 weeks.  But still!  I'm gigantic.    But I'd rather be gigantic than let someone else "take" my baby when they feel like it!  lol
Gender: Girl!  I'm already excited about having future kiddos! lol
Labor Signs: none!
Belly Button in or out?  Verrry shallow! I'll have to post a comparison pic here soon for you! lol 
The day we found out...
24 weeks later, the case of the disappearing belly button! 

Wedding rings on or off? I've been wearing my real rings this week, but today I decided to go for the fake CZ ring.  It's still loose and twists, but better safe than sorry!  So glad I'm in the habit of taking my rings off each night!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy and physically tired!
Weekly Wisdom: Hmm.  I've been sharing my oil cleansing method of face wash with friends this week and that makes me happy.   I'm getting "crunchier and crunchier" and I love sharing that with people!  For my "Weekly Wisdom" I'll say, don't forget to laugh, and here's a link to help you out with that:
Sh*t Crunchy Mamas Say
Current Reads: About to finish Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth, FINALLY.  It's taken forever, though it's a great book.  I'm also reading Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother.  Not sure what I'll be starting next!  Can't wait to see!
Looking forward to: Seeing Carol tomorrow!  She was at a birthing on Tuesday when we were supposed to get to see her, so we had to reschedule. Hoping she might have some insight to this PUPPP thing I've got going on with my skin.  Who knew laying out in the sun would contribute to this!? ugh.  It's really not that bad, but it IS spreading, and none of the home remedies Ive been trying have helped! :(
Looking forward to my baby showers!  Looks like I'm going to have 3!  We are so so so blessed!  Being 100% decided on a name!  I think we are, but maybe 99%.  ;-)   Also, looking forward to getting the crib/toybox/bookshelf painted that we got from friends this weekend.  And after a disappointing discovery that the damask chair I WANTED was not white, but actually a beige-ish color, I think I've decided on a new chair!  So I'm looking forward to ordering that!!!                                                      
White pillow that matches bedding and beige ottoman!  Boo!
This new chair will be way more versatile anyways!  Just have to keep the white pets off of it somehow!

On the "Honey Do" list:  We need to unload the back of the truck with the crib and everything, and really that's about it! Need to add the ribbons to the curtains I bought, and decide on a font for the wooden letters we want to hang above her crib.  I need to update my pregnancy journal! Neither of us have been feeling so hot this weekend, sinus/allergy crud, so we've been taking it pretty easy.  Got a short week this week too.  Just have to work on Mon and Tues and then we are headed out to San Antonio for four beautiful days for TMEA, the Texas Music Educators Association conference.  I LOVE San Antonio and we're super excited to be going!  Looking forward to Disney next month too!  I'll take all the "babymoons" I can get! ;-)  Have a great week!!!

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  1. Love her nursery!
    Maybe I've not seen it yet, but do you have a name yet?