Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July as told by Pictures

This makes me giggle! 

T's first REAL bath!  We waited on Grammy to come back! 7-2-12
She was already furious before we even put her in the water!!

Not a fan. :(
She looks SO tiny!!!
First Hair Washin'
The Carpenter's came over to watch Bachelorette with us!

Trying to figure out the Boba wrap! T was NOT so sure!

This girl loves to sleep!

T's 1st Fourth of July! Love this face!

We went out on a date that night to celebrate our anniversary.   Tenley stayed home for the first time with Grammy! This is T's "Where did my Mom and Dad go?" face!

Tenley's second Fourth of July outfit!

Papa's first time to meet Tenley! 7-4-12

Big yawns for Aunt CaCa!

Funny faces!

This reminds me of Super Mario Brothers for some reason! lol

Happy One Month Birthday to me! 7/9/12

First time to try out a cloth diaper!  Not so sure about all that!  OR it might have had more to do with being set down!

All set for our first bath in the big tub!!!

I think mommy was more excited than Tenley!

Tenley's first CarWalk (ArtWalk) Downtown!

Sweet little ruffle butt!

Please mom, no more pics!

Tenley and Allie having a conversation in matching outfits! Too cute!

T wont take a paci but she loves sucking on our pinkies!

OK wait just a minute! 

This is talent right here!  Pinky in babies mouth and still eating an ice cream sandwich!

Sweet lil shoes from Aunt CaCa! 
"Grandma's lil Gumball!"

Love indy at the bottom right!

Poor girl has nothing to wear... These are just her newborn and 0-3M clothes!

Love these little footie-pants!  

Sleepy little blissed out milk smile!

Helping mommy and daddy shop at Kohls!

Singing with Daddy during a diaper change on the road trip to San Antonio for TBA!
Sleeping in at the hotel in San Antonio!

Going in our first elevator!

Heading to the River Walk in San Antonio!

Waiting to cross the street to the Riverwalk!

Lil cross-eyed baby!

Tenley enjoying the view from our hotel room!

Ready for dinner!
Our family at the Alamo!

Waiting on our table!

Dinner at Rio Rio!
Trying on my swim suit for the first time!

Mmm skin to skin time!

No idea what's about to happen to her! :-/

NOT a fan of the cold water!!! :(((

July 22, 2012

Glad to be home after screaming the whole trip!

love this.

BIG smiles for daddy!

VIsiting the Ellis' sweet baby Avery!

Enjoying her first bday party for her friend Caden!

Beginning to have more interest in the play gym!

Love Sunday afternoon snuggles and naps!!!

T is really beginning to love her mobile from her Papa! 

She'll watch it for quite a while after each diaper change and she's even taken a  nap or two in her crib thanks to this mobile!

Our cloth diapers arrived!!!  YAY!!!

So cute!

Can't wait to get started using our cloth diapers! :-)  

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