Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cute photos from the rest of June...

Didn't realize til I took this pic that the hat was over her eyes!  She didn't seem to mind! LOL!!! Oh new parenthood... 
Big stretches!  My favorite!  This is why we never could swaddle her! ha!

Sweet sleepy girl!

Tiny toes!

Indy feels that he's been relegated to the floor nowadays!  Poor puppy!

Working with daddy!

Charry thought this was put out just for her!

Snuggles with Mimi!

Tenley's funny faces!

Love those little rolls!

This made us laugh!!!

Some words of wisdom!

Talking to Pepaw!

My new "stay at home mom" mantra!

Beautiful Angel!!

At her first hair salon, Jacques & Vernay!

Indy likes the Boppy Newborn Lounger more than Tenley does!  He hops in the second I take her out!!!

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