Monday, October 24, 2011

9 Weeks!

How far along?  9 weeks
Trimester: 1
Days to Go: 217
Baby size: .9 inches, or the size of a green olive or grape
Baby weight: .07oz

We had our second appointment with Carol today!  It went so well!  She answered a ton of our questions, and made us feel completely at ease!  We tried to hear McMuffin's heartbeat, but it's still a little too early.  We're going to try again in 2 weeks!

On a less awesome note, I've gained about 7 pounds already!!! Eeek!  I don't love that, but I keep hearing it's "good" weight.  Carol has us eating as "naturally" as possible, meaning, nothing is fat free anymore.  Everything is full fat, lots of whole grains, i.e. carbs, I'm drinking WHOLE milk, it's all just such a HUGE change from doing Weight Watchers for the past year and a half!  I'm really upset about the size of my belly already, and I'm soo afraid of gaining too much weight.  No one seems concerned about this but ME, and everyone keeps telling me to quit stressing.  But I just worked SO hard to lose all that weight last year... I hate to see the scale going up so quickly!  But I have to eat lots of carbs to keep my nausea at bay, and Carol also wants me to eat 100g of protein every day!  It's just a LOT of food.  AND I have absolutely NO energy to exercise, when I was doing so much of that up till School started, and then even less once we found out I am pregnant! Hopefully it'll balance out here in a bit.

Second appointment stats:
Blood Pressure: 123/81
Pulse: 67
Weight: 143.5

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