Monday, November 7, 2011

11 Weeks - no belly pic! :(

We were so busy with the consignment sale, going to Dallas and the fact that I wasn't feeling very good this week, and so we never got a belly pic!  I'm so disappointed that we missed it! Oh well.... moving on!

I'm still suffering quite a bit of random morning sickness!  We went to Dallas this weekend for Luke to play a rock concert with friends from college.  I was fine all weekend, until Sunday.  We slept in, had doughnuts and kolaches for breakfast, laid around watching TV all morning, and then mid afternoon decided to go eat Mexican food...  I don't know if it was from riding in the backseat or what, but I didn't think I could make it to the restaurant!  We pulled into a closer restaurant than where we were planning to go, and I thought some fresh air would make me feel better, but I had to sit outside the restaurant for a WHILE because I just didn't think I could go in!  I was gagging and gagging, but I never threw up.  Finally I went in, but I still didn't eat anything... Just had some Sprite.  I was feeling better by the time we headed home, but the car ride got me again, even in the front seat this time!  The second we got out of the car I headed up to the bathroom and threw up!  It was gross!  I had thrown up a few times before this, so it wasn't the first, but it was the most lengthy episode.  I just stayed in bed all evening trying to recover!  It could have also been a touch of a tummy bug... they've been going around school really bad!

Luke went to visit our friends Angie and Sergio and their brand new baby while I was sick in bed that night.  Angie is an OB-GYN and she gave Luke a good talking' to about our home-birth plans!  Luke said he was glad I wasn't there! haha.  But luckily, nothing she said scared us or was anything that we were surprised by.  That actually made me feel even more confident!  But the best part of that discussion was that she gave Luke some Zofran for me, to help with the nausea.  I ended up taking one the next day and it worked like a CHARM!  She said they're very expensive, and was generous enough to give me 4 pills, so I'm trying to save the other 3 for similar situations where I just feel terrible and can't stay home and take it easy!  Thanks Angie, for the great meds!  I so appreciate it!

How far along? 11 weeks
Trimester: 1 - almost finished with the first trimester!?!?! woah nelly!
Days to Go: 203!
Baby size: 1.6 inches, or the size of a lime or a fig!
Baby weight: .25oz
Total weight gain: 7 pounds-ish 

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