Monday, August 27, 2012

August, as told by pictures! (In reverse chronological order!)

Aug. 1st - Tenley's first trip to the grocery store! She loved it!

Cute little outfit!  Love the ruffle butt!

I'm such a "lactivist"! 

Love cloth diapering!

My bday present from Luke, made by my friend Amy.  It says "For this child I prayed" on the big circle and "Tenley" on the small one.  Love it!

Breastfeeding in the grocery store on my birthday!  I'm making it a point to BF everywhere I can! ;-) 

Family pic before dinner on my 29th birthday! 

my favorite pjs

Tenley took her first nap in her crib! Aug. 4th

I posted 2 videos of us talking to Tenley.  Normally she 'talks' back, but not in these... lol!

a little home improvement

Walking with the Davis'.  This pic reminds me of that movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"! lol

Indy and Tenley love each other!

Trying out the Fisher Price carrier!  It's ok sometimes! 

Indy loves riding in the Element!

Love chewing on these hands!

Sleeping with her tiny hand on daddy!  LOVE it!

Sleeping on mommy's lap!  So sweet!!!

All decked out and even have shoes on for the first time!!! Not sure about them!!

This makes her feet look huge!

I posted 2 videos of us talking to Tenley.  Normally she 'talks' back, but not in these... lol!

One of my FAVORITE pics to date. <3

Me and my 'lactivist' self breastfeeding in the mall!

She kicked off her little shoe pretttty quick.  It made a little red spot on her toe! :( That's why mommy wears comfy shoes!

At church for the second time!

Tenley got to meet the Wilcoxes at church!

Tenley's 2nd time to church.  I'm making a funny face b/c she was starting to WAIL! lol

Indy loves making comfy spots to snuggle!

BIG girl Tenley!

BIG Stretches!!!  Love this shirt from her cousin Brittni!

cute diapers, drying on our new clothesline!

Please ignore the nursing pad and cellulite and just focus on the cute baby!!!

Love my Zebra dress from Aunt Becca!

Gotta love the post-bath-time wrapped up baby!

Tenley loves watching her "cartoons" as we call them!  This is an awesome little sound machine/projector from Mrs. Donna Lang!

T loves holding on to Daddy's fingers and pulling herself up to a sitting position!

Zonked out baby!  (PS- she only lays in her crib with all that stuff in there for a few minutes at a time. I promise I know to take out all the lovies and the bumpers before she actually stays in there!)

Nursing at Ben Richie Boys Ranch/Band Social!

Helping momma get her hair done!

Added some red and cut off about 6 inches

On our way to Dallas for the weekend!

Love this polka dot outfit!

waiting on our sushi to arrive at Naan Sushi in Plano!

Sleepy angel.

Happy baby!

Hanging out with daddy!

My party outfit!

Snoozing with Aunt Becca!

Completely worn out on the way back to Abilene after a fun weekend in Dallas!

Cute little shirt collar & showing off the bald spot where she likes to rub her head back and forth! I feel back because I think this makes her look like I'm one of those moms who leaves her kid laying/sitting around all the time and they sometimes get flat heads from it?  Because she is RARELY laying/sitting down.  She just likes looking side to side a LOT! lol  At least it's certainly not flat.  Just bald!

Cutie pie!

Enjoying a nap on the porch swing!

Can't wait to see her all dolled up for Meet the Bulldogs tomorrow night!!! 

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